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Subject: Letchworth DTC Agility Email News: Show Proposal
Date: April 29th 2021

Show Proposal

At the show meeting held on Zoom in March those of you that were there will remember there were a number of concerns and uncertainties about the Club’s ability to put on a show to our usual standard.

Among the concerns voiced at that meeting were:

  • The uncertainty about were we would be on the ‘road map’ out of the pandemic restrictions.
  • The lack of help for the setting up and running of the show.
  • How people would feel about attending a show of this size and whether that would affect entries and the availability of help.
  • The effect of Covid on people’s work may mean that they wouldn’t be in a position to take time off work for the show.
  • The financial impact on the Club.

As a committee we have looked at the above concerns and believe that we have a plan that addresses these concerns and allows us to go ahead with the show.

Out of 40 judges contacted, 34 confirmed that they are available and keen to come and judge. We have had some really positive comments from them with offers of help in setting up and many have said they can provide some ring party too.

Other changes we are planning include:

  • Reducing the number of camping spaces: less pitches to be marked up.
  • Changing one of the sets of Agility Classes to Jumping each day. Will reduce the show to eight rings with only three being agility, therefore easier to unload and reload.
  • Reducing the number of Trade Stands. By making their spaces longer they will have the same amount of space but the walkways will be wider
  • Increasing Trade stand fees. Their fees haven’t changed for years. Hopefully with less of them they will sell more.
  • Relocating the score tents. This will decrease congestion in the walkways.
  • Not opening the Clubhouse bar or having entertainment on the Friday and Saturday evening. Stops mass gatherings inside.
  • Only the Setup team is allowed on site before the Thursday morning. This will reduce the pressure on those marking up the camping pitches.
  • Totally electronic scoring system. No paper to handle.
  • Nobody allowed in Marquee, other than the ‘show team’. Tables placed at the front of Marquee for queries, keeping competitors outside.
  • Trophies and rosettes not handed out by judges. This will eliminate the job of sorting the rosettes into classes, before and during the show.
  • Reducing the number of people in the marquee. Also reducing the number of people who handle the rosettes and trophies at the show.
  • Increasing the cost of camping and runs. This is increased each year, to keep up with inflation.
  • Staggering the lunches for judges with the option of taking it away or eating outside, weather permitting. Reduces number of people in clubhouse.

The committee believes that the proposals outlined above will allow us as a Club to put on the show in September. As members we would very much like you to read our proposals and join us at a Zoom meeting on Tuesday 4th May at 7.30pm to give us your opinion.

Fiona Hughes
Chair, on behalf of the committee.

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