Letchworth DTC Agility Email News: Agility Club Membership

From: "Letchworth DTC Agility Email News" <webmaster@letchworthdtc.org.uk>
Subject: Letchworth DTC Agility Email News: Agility Club Membership
Date: June 12th 2019

Agility Club Membership

Letchworth DTC have paid for members to join The Agility Club - find out more about them on their website https://agilityclub.org

The Agility Club needs your email address in order to give you access to their online services. Could those who requested Agility Club membership please do the following:

Email your email address to KateMcLarenac@hotmail.com with Letchworth DTC as the subject. 

Kate will send you a confirmation email when you are on the system.

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