Letchworth DTC Agility Email News: Logo Competition and Equipment Set Up

From: "Letchworth DTC Agility Email News" <webmaster@letchworthdtc.org.uk>
Subject: Letchworth DTC Agility Email News: Logo Competition and Equipment Set Up
Date: November 20th 2018

Equipment Set Up

The session times are as follows:

  • 6.40pm - 7.30pm First Session: Class 1 (beginners) and Class 4
  • 7.40pm - 8.30pm Middle Session: Class 2 and Class 5
  • 8.40pm - 9.30pm Last Session: Class 3 and Class 6

We need help setting up the equipment before the start of the First Session and putting it away after the Last Session. 

Due to time constraints on our venue booking, we cannot allow sessions to overrun to compensate for equipment not being set up on time. The first session will end at 7.30pm no matter the start time. This may mean a shorter time available for training. We are asking that members training in the first session arrive at the venue for 6.00pm to set up the equipment. If this is completed before 6.40pm, the session will start early and you will gain extra training time.

For safety reasons please do not bring any dogs into the main or side arena until the equipment set-up has been completed.

Logo Competition

Following the closure of our Obedience Section, we would like to change the Club logo. Below is the current design:

LDTC logo

We will be running a competition to submit designs for a new logo to be voted on from a shortlist at the next AGM. There will be a prize for the winning design.

Please submit entries by 31st December 2018. Entries may be submitted on paper (bring these to the Club) or by email: logo@letchworthdtc.org.uk

Some points to consider when designing your logo:

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